A note about Tomorrow’s Full Moon – The Five Stages of Grief


Tomorrow we see a Full Moon in the sign of Scorpio.

This water sign is all about the deepest of emotions, and is represented by The Death card in Tarot:

(Death, Rider Waite Smith Tarot)

I remember looking at this card in great detail during my Tarot class. (I am certified as well as an intuitive reader, and trained with Treadwell’s)

I remember wanting to say that the card for me is all about the five stages of grief, but at the time I didn’t truly feel like I could say this in Tarot class – maybe I will write about that another day, but it basically comes down to the fact I am an intuitive reader and do not always follow the traditional card meanings.

For me, the woman and child at the foot of the horse are in the Denial and Anger stages by the way the child simply sits looking on, and the woman turns her head in defiance. The holy man is in the Bargaining stage, seen by how he holds out his hands and pleads. The man under the horse is in the Depression stage as he has hit rock bottom. and The Sun rising above it all is about Acceptance and a new day dawning.

So it is with this Full Moon.

We are being asked to work through these stages of grief about whatever it is we are grieving.

This could be the death of a relationship, the death of a person, or simply the death of a way of life.

What we are reminded of in the Death card, is that all endings are pathways to transformation.

I will be shortly undertaking Meduimship Development training and so will be learning to look death straight in the eye so to speak.

I have strong beliefs that death is not the end for any of us, but is literally a portal to something else.

So this Full Moon is asking us to look at what is ending in our lives, and what needs to end in order to move forward into something new.

Are we stuck in indecision, are we unwilling to make a change?

Scorpio is a sign often concerned with that which is hidden from ourselves and others, so don’t be surprised if what comes up for review is something you have been determined to keep secret.

As we move through grieving something that may once have been dear to us, we will move towards accepting the new in our lives with experience behind us.

Much love always Txx

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