Meditation and Seeing Colour

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“Don’t get too focused on the colors. It can become a distraction and derail your meditation practice if you spend too much time focusing on the colors.It’s best to let the colors come and let them go.

Remember, in the end, what happens between meditations—how you live your life—is the most important factor in evaluating your progress. After meditating, are you calmer, less reactive, and more compassionate with yourself and others?

These may be more important questions to consider when evaluating your progress…”

– From this article

Since the last meditation retreat I went on at New Year, I have experienced numerous different people talking about meditation as a way to reach an altered consciousness or a ‘blissed out state’.

I remember being asked over a year ago, if I was able to see colours when I meditate.

For me, meditation is not about seeing colours (though yes now I sometimes do) or about reaching a blissed out state.

For me meditation is about reaching a state of neutrality.

In Meditation I learn the art of non-attachment.

I learn to not attach to the thoughts that inevitably fill my mind – I let them come and go.

In meditation I learn that pain and discomfort can be acknowledged and sat with.

For me, that is instrumental in dealing with life.

So yes, occasionally I may meditate in order to access and communicate with higher energies, but mostly I meditate to become a more compassionate person.

That’s it.

Much love always Txx

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