Wednesday Wisdom #76 – Take it easy

(Time for a Nap – Wisdom of the Oracle Deck, by Colette Baron-Reid)

One of my favourite cards in the deck, not just for the beauty of the image, but also for the beauty of the message.

I love it when this card comes up because it always aligns with when I feel like I need to take things a little bit easier than I have been.

This card comes up pretty much routinely when I read for myself, and it’s nice today to give you guys a message from it.

Yes it is time for a nap – in some ways I am sure we have all been doing a little bit too much in at least one area of our lives, and this card is letting us know that it is ok to take a break, in fact it will be more beneficial to take a break rather than push through regardless.

The gold colour in this card, reminds us of the value in stopping from time to time.

My late dad always used to end conversations with the phrase:

“Take it easy”

I found myself saying the same thing to a friend the other day, and I feel this card is one big command to take things easy this week.

Last weekend I went for a weekend break with good friends, and I really found myself relaxing in a way I have not done for quite some time, even though I schedule in regular time to do nothing.

I think the key with last weekend was how much less screen time I had. I barely looked at my phone and didn’t have my laptop with me.

We stayed deep in the countryside where the only constant sounds were of nature.

This enabled me to really shut some of my ‘doing’ down and just ‘be’.

Could you cut down on a little bit of screen action this week?

Could you spend a few minutes in meditation each day? (whatever meditation means for you)

The New Moon in Taurus will be with us in a couple of weeks time, and it is no surprise to see a Moon in the card above.

We’ve just had a Full Moon in Scorpio full of intense and deep transformative energy, this time between moons is time to get quiet for a bit. Absorb what you have been through lately, good or bad, and get ready for what lies ahead.

Much love always Txx

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