Wishing away the day



Often I find myself sitting at work and wishing away each moment.

Each moment closer to my lunchtime walk around the park.

Each moment closer to my next lie in.

Each moment closer to my fun plans at the weekend.

You would think with all the Meditation I have done that I would know how to stay in the moment by now.

So I’ll try to, as I write this post at work in one of those moments where I have been wishing away my whole day.

I stop, look behind me at the sun on the leaves outside the windows of the library I work in.

I listen to the soft sounds of students trying not to talk.

I feel the anxiety of the coffee I had this morning, and the nerves of students about to go into a final exam.

My fingers tap the keyboard, and I spy on my colleague beneath the stairs.

Its not long though before I am off again imagining the warmth of that same sun once I hit the park.

Thinking what to have for lunch (my fave thought process.)

Is it so wrong to get through mundane days wishing for the good stuff?

Perhaps being in the moment is just as valid when you are using that moment to be somewhere else. 


Much love Txx

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