A Little Note about Tomorrow’s New Moon – Nurturing and Warmth




I personally always find the New Moon to be an exceptionally charged time.

I am very much affected by the Full Moon in terms of lack of sleep, and an increase in intuition.

However, I find the New Moon to be pretty emotional also, as I am often always working on something new these days, and the New Moon really does give me a gentle, sometimes forceful nudge forward each month.

This New Moon I instinctively feel is geared towards finances and our stability.

As mentioned in posts earlier this year, numerologically we are in a Number 2 year which is all about building our futures, something that cannot be done without healthy foundations.

This New Moon is in the sign of Taurus, an earth sign concerned with material stability.

As we move further into Spring and closer and closer to Summer, (or in Autumn going into Winter – if on the other side of the world) We are beginning to understand that our dreams take work.

The Major Arcana card in the Tarot that represents Taurus is the Hierophant:



(The Hierophant, Rider Waite Smith Tarot)


This card is all about conformity, tradition but also about teaching and wisdom.

Yet another number 5 Card, (check out this post and this post to see the running theme) it is all about that moment in time where you decide to make a commitment towards something you want.

It is considered one of the marriage cards in the Tarot, and really speaks to the building of something incredibly solid.

So it is with this New Moon.

As I write this, I also realise that we are in the Number 5 month!

How much more confirmation do we need that we are in a pivotal moment right now? A moment that will set up many new situations in the months and years to come.

Tomorrow’s New Moon marks a significant shift in the direction of building that future we want.

This may look like finally letting go of certain things that have been holding us back or keeping us stuck.  These could be situations, ways of thinking or even people.

This may look like committing to a savings plan, a health regimen or to meeting new people.

Whatever this new change coming up on the horizon is for you, you will recognise it by the fact that you have already been working on it since this year began.

This New Moon is here to give you a gentle nudge forward and lend you its support.

In this way, this moon is also acting as nurturer, you may feel increasingly content today and in the next few days.

Enjoy this period of warmth.


Much love always Txx


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