Wednesday Wisdom #78 – Love Like You Mean It!



(Loyal Heart, Wisdom of the Oracle Deck by Colette Baron-Reid, floating in my bath)



Today’s message is quite a simple one…

Loyalty is one of the key things we all look for in our relationships, whether that be with friends, romantic partners, business partners or family.

Yet what we sometimes forget is that in order to get loyalty we have to give it.

It’s easy to feel scared of sticking by a person through thick and thin – our ego tells us that this needs to be repaid, or codependecy threatens to undermine our self esteem.

However, if we truly wish to experience the kind of support and love from others that we have always dreamt of – we have to be willing to give it to others.

This does not mean being a doormat.

This does not mean, continually being there for others at the extent of being there for yourself.

What it does mean is having enough trust and respect for yourself to understand when it is the right thing to be loyal, and when it is the right thing to cut your losses.

When you have good people in your life, why wouldn’t you stick by them?

If you feel unable to stand by someone, examine why.

Are they asking too much? Do you feel unappreciated or taken for granted? Does the person you are sticking by, stick by you?

If you are able to see that most of the people around you are loving, supportive and kind, you will be able to truly love like you mean it.

Much love always Txx

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