Meditation and Raising Your Vibration


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I wrote in this post, that meditation for me is not at all always about transcending to another place.

Sometimes I am simply sitting/lying/walking and spend the whole time batting away thoughts.

However sometimes I do have moments of ‘breakthrough’ and ‘bliss’ where I am able to perceive colours and ride on an energetic wave that is subtle, soothing and ultimately a replenishment of love.

Also sometimes I do meditate in order to access a higher consciousness and elevate myself to a level in which I can meet and talk to Spirit Guides, Angels and Sprits.

It is in this way that we use meditation in Mediumship, to get ourselves into the right energetic space to meet our guides and those that want to communicate with us from other realms.

I have recently started a Psychic Mediumship Development course and it was great to realise that all my many years of meditation practice are about to come in useful in a way that I had never anticipated before.

This ability to sit quietly for a few minutes and access that higher part of yourself, is absolutely a wonderful skill for everyday mundane life.

From a higher vantage point, you gain perspective on your everyday life.

A lot is talked about meditation in terms of Mindfulness and stress reduction, we don’t often talk about it in terms of spirit connection – even if that spirit you are connecting to is your own.

So next time you sit down to meditative, try making your intention one of simply connecting to your higher self.

That part of you that is not worried about every little thing, that part of you that finds peace and security attainable.

Don’t worry, I will be giving guidance on how to access your higher self in a future post.


Much love always Txx


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