Wednesday Wisdom #79 – Humility


(Messiah and Queen, Archetype Cards by Caroline Myss)

I love today’s message!

We are being encouraged to shine as the wonderful beings we are, yet to remember to be humble.

As Spider-Man (and others) have said:

“With great power, comes great responsibility…”

As many of us are striving to be the best people we can be, sometimes we will get to points where we understand just how much we have achieved, just how much we have helped another.

In those moments it is both important to acknowledge the wonderful acts you do, but also to remain humble and understanding that your achievements are rooted in service.

When you make someone smile, when you give to charity, when you are there for a friend in need, whenever you do something that benefits another person for big or small, acknowledge the power within you to do this, and remember the humility with which you do it.

So much love Txx

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