Psychic School – Week Two: Fairy!

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So I have started a 10 week Psychic Mediumship Development course with the College of Psychic Studies in London.

I’ve decided that Saturday posts from now on will be a write up of sorts, of the things I experience each week.

A mediumship development course, is not about learning how to be a Medium per se, but rather how to develop your innate mediumship ability.

Unlike psychic ability that many believe (including me) is an ability that we ALL have and can learn to tune into relatively easily, mediumship is usually something that people are called to. Though we all have the ability to connect with spirit, acting as a Medium is something that requires a lot of development and earnest commitment.

In short, psychic ability is about reading the energy of a physical being/object, and mediumship is about connecting to the sprit world, and serving as a channel for messages.

As an intuitive Tarot reader I use my psychic ability a lot when reading, I literally pick up and read the energy of the person sitting with me, or tune into the energy of a person I am reading for remotely.

I do not need the aid of Tarot/Oracle cards to do this, I have read people’s energy my whole life without realising I was doing this, but I find using cards useful.

As a medium, I channel messages from the spirit world also when I am reading, and often times when I am talking on a day to day basis, and on this blog. It is these channelled messages that I use for the Wednesday Wisdom posts.

I never thought of myself as a Medium until I was identified as one by an internationally regarded Trance Medium.

So after getting my head around this, I enlisted on a Development course with a view to develop my gifts:

(ps..doesn’t the above blurb remind you of the blurb at the beginning of a Law and Order episode?! Ha!)



Week Two – Mediumship


So this week, I turned up to class having done my very first formal Mediumship reading last weekend.

I won’t go into that reading in any detail here, as it is so important to me to maintain the confidentiality and trust of the people I read for, but it was a deeply rewarding and moving experience.

I shocked myself with how the conversation between me and the Spirit I connected with, was able to flow, the range and accuracy of symbols that were used to communicate. The variety of ways in which I received the messages were astounding for me too. I sometimes felt things, saw things in my mind’s eye, heard specific phrases…but overwhelming it felt like I was having a conversation that I simply needed to relay. It was a conversation that started off faintly, I had to really struggle at first to understand how I was being communicated with, but once I did, it became easier.

I also used Tarot cards, Oracle Cards and Angel cards randomly as the Spirit used particular images on the cards to explain key things.

So to say that I turned up to Psychic School a couple of days later with an abundance of excitement was an understatement!

So I was very happy when the Tutor announced that we would be doing mediumship readings for each other this week, rather than the psychic readings we focused on last week.

There are a number of things that differentiate working on a psychic level from working on a Mediumistic level that go beyond the fact that you are connecting with different energies.

As I say at the beginning of this post, Mediumship is about connecting with a Spirit energy, whereas using psychic skills is about connecting to the energy surrounding a human/physical earthly being.

However there are other core tenants of Mediumship that I will go into here.


Mediumship – Evidence of Survival.

Mediumship as a practice is about evidence of survival, a traditional medium is all about connecting with spirits that have passed on, and relaying messages from these spirits to their loved ones.

The things we learn in class is how to relay these messages in a way as to be absolutely sure of who we are connecting to first and foremost and then what messages they may have.

So in this way, when we link with a Spirit energy, the first things we need to ascertain are the identity of this spirit through gender, age, how they may have passed on, how they lived, what their personality was like etc.

In this way we can give information to who we are reading for that will help them and us to ascertain exactly which spirit is in attendance.

After this is cemented, we can then go on to ascertain the messages that this spirit wants to communicate.


Leaving your Ego at the door.

One of the things that is difficult about giving any kind of reading, is that often times the person you are reading for, may have barriers up that make it difficult for them to truly be open to receive.

At the start of a Mediumship reading, it is all about establishing what Spirit has come in and their relation to the client, if a client is sceptical, this can be really hard.

However it is natural for most to be sceptical, the most wonderful moment is when defences lower and you can see that the client has felt the energy of their loved one through you.

As a reader, you also have to be very careful to gauge the energy of your client, work with them to reassure, be mindful of how you relate and really listen to any feedback they provide.

There is no real room for ego in a Mediumship reading and so the meditation aspect at the beginning of a session is really important. As the reader, we need to have emptied ourselves of our humanness so to speak, in order to channel accurately and correctly


Be prepared for surprises

So each session of the course is pretty much full of us reading for each other, and the first reading I did for another last week, was a complete and utter surprise.

I tuned into my higher consciousness, I tuned into the client, and I almost instantly received impressions of a higher being.

It soon became clear however that this was not a relative or ancestor that had passed on, but rather the client’s own personal Fairy that had been with her since she was a child!

I have NEVER connected with Fairy energy before, in fact I wasn’t even sure I believed in that Fairy stuff, (yes I still have a level of disbelief and doubt in many things lol) yet here we had a Fairy who was all the things you would imagine a Fairy to be – mischievous, naughty, funny, a bit of a show off, dancing and fluncy. It was utterly hilarious.

My client fedback to me that she has always felt a special resonance with Faires, and that this made complete sense to her, though it did not for me!

So though I was supposed to have been connecting with a different kind of spirit energy, I was hi-jacked by a Fairy and I must say it was fun!

The second reading that I conducted on the night brought forth two sprits for the client.

This was challenging simply because I didn’t realise for a long time that it was two people so the attributes of these two people that I was relaying for the client came out very muddled, with a little bit of help from the Tutor I soon was able to separate out the energies, and the client received some messages that she needed.


The readings that were done for me, highlighted my ancestry as a Medicine Woman, and focused on loyal and loving companionship being in my life – How wonderful!



In the following weeks we will be looking at how to maintain high levels of accuracy and to work with our own personal guides, whilst reading for others.

At the end of this session we connected with our own guides who had a message for us, I would like to share the message my guide gave to me:


“Meet everything with softness, let us be your pillow”


Much love Txx


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