A note about tomorrow’s Full Moon – Fire and Passion

light landscape sky sunset

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com




So this Full Moon is in my Sun Sign of Sagittarius, and I couldn’t be happier about that 🙂

A fiery energy, Sagittarius holds the power of real deep and forward thinking transformation.

Think of how you feel when you see an awesome bonfire, that sense of excitement and awe. So it is with this Full Moon.

There should be a real feeling of passion present within you around this Moon time, a sense of knowing and understanding that your life is moving forward in some pretty splendid ways.

Alternatively, if this energy is not something that you find it natural to work with, you may feel as though a fire has left a devastating wreck.


Ultimately, whether you saw this transformation coming or not, whether it knocks you for six or you welcome it with open arms, there will be good to come from this.

Though Sagittarius is signified by the Major Arcana Temperance Card, it is also represented by the Page of Wands:




Above is my favourite depiction of the Page of Wands from the Vice Versa Tarot Deck, note the rising Phoenix, the ultimate transformative fire energy.

This Full Moon in the UK is being accompanied by nights of torrential rain and thunderstorms – complete with lightning.

I believe the weather is mirroring what we are all feeling at this time, tremendous bouts of energetic force.

So use it!

Whatever you have going on in your life right now, at work, in love – infuse it with as much passion and energy as you can muster.

Much love Txx


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