Wednesday Wisdom #80 – No doubt (well only a little)


(This Could Be The One, The Romance Angels Oracle Cards, by Doreen Virtue – pictured in the Rosebush in my back garden!)

This week we have a card that I am pretty sure has come up before.

I asked for a card specifically for Romance this week as I was feeling in the mood.

As summer time slowly picks up momentum, as I begin to feel more and more flouncy and girly as I am getting to wear dresses and sandals, I felt a nice light energy for this week was in order.

So here we have:

This Could Be The One – You’ve already met the romantic partner that you seek.

(Some of the words are obscured by the rose!)

Of course this could be pertaining to love, but it can also be pertaining to any circumstance or situation you are considering right now.

There is some doubt present still, in fact this is only a could – but the hopefulness present in the card is undeniable.

This is new energy, this is something tentative and brave.

This is the kind of love you encounter after choosing to let go of the loves you had in the past.

This is a long deserved reward and gift.

It is up to you if you take it up.

Much love always Txx

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