Psychic School – Week Three: Responsibly Pure


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So I have started a 10 week Psychic Mediumship Development course with the College of Psychic Studies in London.

I’ve decided that Saturday posts from now on will be a write-up of sorts, of the things I experience each week.

A mediumship development course, is not about learning how to be a Medium per se, but rather how to develop your innate mediumship ability.

Unlike psychic ability that many believe (including me) is an ability that we ALL have and can learn to tune into relatively easily, mediumship is usually something that people are called to. Though we all have the ability to connect with spirit, acting as a Medium is something that requires a lot of development and earnest commitment.

In short, psychic ability is about reading the energy of a physical being/object, and mediumship is about connecting to the spirit world, and serving as a channel for messages.

As an intuitive Tarot card reader I use my psychic ability a lot when reading, I literally pick up and read the energy of the person sitting with me, or tune into the energy of a person I am reading for remotely.

I do not need the aid of Tarot/Oracle cards to do this, I have read people’s energy my whole life without realising I was doing this, but I find using cards useful.

As a medium, I channel messages from the spirit world also when I am reading, and often times when I am talking on a day-to-day basis, and on this blog. It is these channelled messages that I use for the Wednesday Wisdom posts.

I never thought of myself as a Medium until I was identified as one by an internationally regarded Trance Medium.

So after getting my head around this, I enlisted on a Development course with a view to develop my gifts:

(ps..doesn’t the above blurb remind you of the blurb at the beginning of a Law and Order episode?! Ha!)




Week Three – Why are we doing this???


So this week things got hard!

A large portion of each session is spent reading for each other, and we were asked this week to get even more specific with the energies that came through.

Was the Spirit connecting with us male or female? What was their age when they passed? Did any names come through? What was their profession when on earth? What was their personality? What messages did they have for the client?

This was challenging mostly because at the moment, most of us have no real idea of how to filter what spirit energies come through.

Many of us naturally channel Past Life Energies, Angels, Elementals and other beings – but these beings are not what Mediumship as a practice is about.

Mediumship as mentioned in last week’s post is primarily about Evidence of Survival – our aim as mediums is to connect to deceased loved ones in order to prove that there is life after death.

This is not part of the ‘mainstream’ New Age movement that promotes self-love and self-development.  This is not part of the recent resurgence of  Yoga, Meditation and Crystals for healing.  (Though obviously all of these things are important for me and many other mediums.)

In many ways Mediumship is a purely spiritual or religious practice as it is primarily through the lens of spirituality or religion that we believe in life after death.

To believe that the spirit endures after physical death, you must have a belief in a greater plan. For those that are bereaved, contact from a loved one’s spirit is incredibly comforting and often times empowering.

When mediumship is viewed through this primary purpose, to prove the existence of an afterlife – the enormous responsibility that we are holding in every class we attend is immense.


The pressure is real!


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The pressure to sit in front of someone you know absolutely nothing about and relay messages to them from the spirit world, complete with concrete evidence of who this spirit is – is utterly terrifying to a large extent in terms of responsibility.

Yet, we do it, every week, multiple times over, and it is simply mind-blowing how this is possible.

This week, some of my classmates were able to receive accurate information in terms of names, I seemed to be able to pick up on who the spirit connecting with me was in terms of their relation to the client, as well as their personality, and the messages they want to convey.

At one point I looked around the room at all of us working, and the thought popped into my head:


“Why would anyone want to do this? Why would anyone put themselves through this?”


Sounds dramatic right, but actually no it’s not.

To take this on, to learn Mediumship in this way, is possibly one of the most challenging things I have ever undertaken.


Pureness of Spirit


(image of the Rosebush in my garden)


At the moment what I find the most challenging is how pure it requires you to be.

To be a genuine medium (because for sure there are many frauds) you have to be so incredibly connected and grounded and open.

You have to know how to raise your vibration, how to protect yourself from lower energies, how to verify spirits, how to dismiss lower energies, as well as how to relay messages to people with compassion and love and grace.

Each week, we continue to develop these skills and it hit me this week how utterly self-less mediumship is.

We are literally only the medium – the middle man.

This is possibly the most humble I have ever felt. 

As someone who has always strived to make the things I want happen in my life, this process of allowing spirit to speak through me, is simultaneously healing and deeply uncomfortable.

Mediumship as a spiritual practice for the medium, allows us to connect so deeply with the essence of what we all are, that there is no room for ego.

In that space, where you are relaying messages that you know are helping, and soothing someone’s very real pain, all there is is love, and I never expected love to feel so….disarming.

So in this way, I feel like the development course is making me more loving, more grounded, more open, but also more protected, with a real feeling of strong well-being.


Stay tuned for how this develops even further next week!


Much love Txx

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