Animal Totems – My Pink Giraffe

So the other day I was sitting on the tube next to a business man.

It’s significant that I call him a business man because I was reading The Four Agreements

by Don Miguel Riuz and had just finished the chapter about not making assumptions.

I sat next to this man, heard the dance music leaking out of his headphones, noticed the sharp suit and saw him twiddling his fingers with a piece of paper.

I assumed he was a party animal, possibly hung-over from ‘last night’ and just mucking around to keep himself awake on a Tuesday morning.

But, I was oh so wrong!!

I soon realised that he was making something, and when he got off at his stop he turned to me and said:

“For you”

He presented me with this absolutely beautiful Pink Giraffe!


It was only later on in the day that I began to wonder if there was some kind of spiritual significance in the Giraffe in terms of animal symbolism, if my Guides and Angels were trying to communicate something to me, through this business man.

(I pretty much think everything is significant, and when I am presented with something so blatantly, even more so.)

Not only did receiving this Pink Giraffe make the start of my work week glorious, it is so utterly unusual for people to even acknowledge each other on the Tube much less give out random gifts, so I knew it was special.

I received this Pink Giraffe on the morning of the day in which I started my very first session on a Psychic Mediumship Development course.

Getting to the point of attending such a class has been a deeply meandering journey and I was both excited and a tiny bit nervous about it.

So the next day I looked up the animal totem meaning of a Giraffe:

Using this website, the very first words were:

Do you just “know things”? Do you want to wade into the world of knowledge beyond the veil? Seeking out the spiritual meaning of Giraffe as an animal sprit guide, is a sign you’re ready to expand your psychic awareness & take on tall tasks.

Well hello! This Pink Giraffe just read my mind!

As I am writing this blog, I believe my lovely readers that this Giraffe holds a message for you too, so do please read the full article about the Giraffe as an animal sprit guide here:

In short – the Giraffe is all about asking us to raise our vibration towards the heavens whilst remaining grounded in our everyday life.

The Giraffe reminds us of the importance of a higher connection and encourages us to stand tall in ourselves.

For me – the fact that this Giraffe is pink is also deeply symbolic.

Pink is the colour of love and also Archangel Chamuel – an Angel on hand to always help us with our deep soul love connections.

So to say I am feeling the love from the sprit realm is an understatement.

I feel so incredibly blessed to be writing this blog, developing as a Medium and Psychic and sharing all this in order to help myself and those that come to me.

So much love for you! Txx

p.s…Since writing this post and scheduling it, I noticed that my Pink Giraffe had a label stuck on it…the Man who gave it to me and his daughter have an Instagram account all about their pieces of Origami that they hand out! Check it out here:


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