Wednesday Wisdom #81 – The key to becoming unstuck

(To the sea, Wisdom of the Oracle deck by Colette Baron Reid)


Have you become stuck dear readers?

Have you reached a fork in the road on the path of life, and have no idea how to proceed or which way to pick?

This week’s message reminds us of the importance of going with the flow.

When things get tough and you can barely perceive a flow – this is when it is even more important to go with it.

It’s been a tough one for me this week.

In moving with the flow of life it’s harder to hide from the really challenging times, the tough emotions and the past regrets.

I am reminded though, by this card, that a consequence of going with the flow will be the occasional upturned boat.

Things may go badly or be less than ideal for a while, when you go with the flow, but that’s just a part of the flow.

Eventually things right themselves and we continue to glide.

This week remember that the way forward is in front of us and have faith that all will get better.

Much love Txx

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