Psychic School – Week Four: Fantasy

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So I have started a 10 week Psychic Mediumship Development course with the College of Psychic Studies in London.

I’ve decided that Saturday posts from now on will be a write-up of sorts, of the things I experience each week.

A mediumship development course, is not about learning how to be a Medium per se, but rather how to develop your innate mediumship ability.

Unlike psychic ability that many believe (including me) is an ability that we ALL have and can learn to tune into relatively easily, mediumship is usually something that people are called to. Though we all have the ability to connect with spirit, acting as a Medium is something that requires a lot of development and earnest commitment.

In short, psychic ability is about reading the energy of a physical being/object, and mediumship is about connecting to the spirit world, and serving as a channel for messages.

As an intuitive Tarot card reader I use my psychic ability a lot when reading, I literally pick up and read the energy of the person sitting with me, or tune into the energy of a person I am reading for remotely.

I do not need the aid of Tarot/Oracle cards to do this, I have read people’s energy my whole life without realising I was doing this, but I find using cards useful.

As a medium, I channel messages from the spirit world also when I am reading, and often times when I am talking on a day-to-day basis, and on this blog. It is these channelled messages that I use for the Wednesday Wisdom posts.

I never thought of myself as a Medium until I was identified as one by an internationally regarded Trance Medium.

So after getting my head around this, I enlisted on a Development course with a view to develop my gifts:

(ps..doesn’t the above blurb remind you of the blurb at the beginning of a Law and Order episode?! Ha!)


So this week was utterly awesome, in the truest sense of the word.

One of the things I love doing when I visit a new country or place is visit Cathedrals, stain glass windows were produced to be awe-inspiring, and this week I felt a hint of that divine magic.

As the session began the tutor explained that we would be working with the three Clairs in the session.

These would be:

Clairsentience – Clear Feeling

Clairaudience – Clear Hearing

Clairvoyance – Clear Seeing.

I use these three Clairs often when I am conducting Tarot readings, and Clairsentience I know has been with me for as long as I can remember.

I have simply always been able to know, sense and simply feel things in people and places and objects.

It’s the reason why I don’t sleep very well anywhere other than my own bed, and why I am often afraid to sleep without lights on in certain places.

I also have the gift of occasionally smelling things from other realms known as Clairscent.

So I was pretty happy and comfortable with reading for the classmate I was partnered with, with specific instructions to engage and use these Clairs.

What really blew me away this week was the utter accuracy these readings produced.

The readings done for me addressed an issue happening in my life right now this second that has been bothering me for many a night. It gave me clear and factual details of the situation and immense amounts of reassurance. It was simply amazing that my class mate was able to deliver me such a beautiful message.

I thank her, and her guides and Angels (as well as mine) for facilitating this.

I then had to conduct a reading for an unknown sitter with my eyes closed.

The reading was utterly fascinating to me, as it shifted perspective in a very unusual way.

I was able to feel the energy of who I was reading for as if it were my own energy.

I saw vivid pictures of scenes which I dutifully relayed.

As is often the case when I use my mediumship ability, most of what I see, sense and feel makes absolutely no sense to me at all.

One of the main messages from the reading was in the form of a song.

I heard very clearly in my mind Mariah Carey’s hit Fantasy:

When I opened my eyes to receive feedback I was amazed to see the sitter brimming with joy and laughter.

What made absolutely NO sense to me, made the complete MOST sense to her. She was buzzing, I had read and delivered her a message that was so unbelievably intricate and related to past lives that she had knowledge of.

Right down to the song and the word Fantasy – It was entirely a message for her.

It was wonderful for me that I could do this.

So much validation and confirmation about life took place in that moment for me.

I give thanks to all the guides, Angels, Spirits and loving energies that surround us at all times. Especially to my guardian angel that my classmate was able to see.

So much love Txx

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