Psychic School – Week Five: Meet My ‘Number One’ Spirit Guide

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So I have started a 10 week Psychic Mediumship Development course with the College of Psychic Studies in London.

I’ve decided that Saturday posts from now on will be a write-up of sorts, of the things I experience each week.

A mediumship development course, is not about learning how to be a Medium per se, but rather how to develop your innate mediumship ability.

Unlike psychic ability that many believe (including me) is an ability that we ALL have and can learn to tune into relatively easily, mediumship is usually something that people are called to. Though we all have the ability to connect with spirit, acting as a Medium is something that requires a lot of development and earnest commitment.

In short, psychic ability is about reading the energy of a physical being/object, and mediumship is about connecting to the spirit world, and serving as a channel for messages.

As an intuitive Tarot card reader I use my psychic ability a lot when reading, I literally pick up and read the energy of the person sitting with me, or tune into the energy of a person I am reading for remotely.

I do not need the aid of Tarot/Oracle cards to do this, I have read people’s energy my whole life without realising I was doing this, but I find using cards useful.

As a medium, I channel messages from the spirit world also when I am reading, and often times when I am talking on a day-to-day basis, and on this blog. It is these channelled messages that I use for the Wednesday Wisdom posts.

I never thought of myself as a Medium until I was identified as one by an internationally regarded Trance Medium.

So after getting my head around this, I enlisted on a Development course with a view to develop my gifts:

(ps..doesn’t the above blurb remind you of the blurb at the beginning of a Law and Order episode?! Ha!)

Spirit Guides

So anyone who is into all of this spiritual stuff, would have probably come across the term ‘Spirit Guides’ before.

The belief, is that we each have a ‘Spiritual Team’ that is with us from when we are born until we die, this team consist of Angels and Guides, as well as other beings. With Guides in particular coming forward at certain times in our lives to offer assistance, and yep you guessed it – guidance.

In hindsight, I can see that my ‘number one guide’ has been responsible for pushing me forwards in terms of Tarot Reading, and poetry writing.

He was the quiet force behind my decision to do a Creative Writing MA, and he was the voice I heard on solitary retreat, that urged me to leave a frustrating job.

He is the instinct that lives in my soul, and I have finally begun to acknowledge him for the hilarious, solid and magnificent presence he truly is.

My Number One Guide

The term ‘Number One Guide’, I picked up from Clearly Destiny in London.

It simply means, the Guide that I am closest to, that has been with me the longest, the one I turn to and communicate with the most.

This Guide, first appeared to me approximately two years ago in meditation. He appeared as a large masculine figure in a jet black colour. Occasionally he would appear to me as having wings.

When I eventually thought to ask him his name he responded with:


I intuitively feel that Samuel often works with the Archangel Chamuel when it comes to certain matters.

Guide work

In this week’s session of the Mediumship course, we worked on connecting with our guides and channelling direct information from them for the good of others in the group, and of course ourselves.

During one of these exercises my Guide took the opportunity to fully introduce himself to me.

I saw him in a more human form for the first time ever, and he explained to me that he was from Ancient Egypt, and that he can also be referred to as “Max” or “Carlos” as he has held these names in other lives.

He is an Ascended Master, in that he lived human lives before acting as a Spirit Guide.

He has a wicked sense of humour and is quite a macho kind of man.

He is always willing to give advice about others, and is straight talking, and a little bit blunt.

I look forward to working with him more intentionally when I read for others.

Oh yeah – as I write this, he is reminding me to tell you that he picked the picture above, as the strength it encompasses is the essence of him. In fact he wishes somebody would make a statue out of him! (Don’t we all!)

Also he is saying, don’t forget to say that he is also with me when I write these blog posts – he was a major factor in me starting the blog- he says he is so proud of me for doing so 🙂

As I learn more about guide-work, I will share more. For now, I hope you have enjoyed learning a little bit more about Samuel.

All my love T xx

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