The Poet as Mystic

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I wrote a poem the other day for someone and they did not understand it in the slightest!

This is not because I am the kind of poet that strives not to be understood. Or that believes the more highbrow the poem the less it will be understood.

But rather, that I am the kind of poet that writes from intution with no shame.

In this way, the power of poetry as mysticm becomes apparent.

I have written poetry my whole entire life,  (well since I could write) as well as short and longer stories.

It was a way for me to escape the various difficulties that I faced as a child.

It was a way for me to express my emotions and creativity.

Instead of writing a journal or diary, I wrote poems.

The decision to do an MA in Creative Writing was one I had been contemplating for many years, and I will be graduating from a course in a couple of weeks time!

However there were many things that irked me during the course, and that continue to do so.

I don’t write poetry to be a successful published poet. Yes that would be wonderful, but I write poetry for myself and for the people I sometimes share it with.

Writing a poem for me is a spiritual act. It is a way in which I have colluded with spirit to make something tangible in this world.

It is a form of channeling for me, as I am not always conscious of where the words have come from.

At my core, I see myself as an artist, someone who creates for the joy of creating – but also as someone who creates as a way to connect with something higher.


Mystic is defined by as:


involving or characterized by esoteric, otherworldly, or symbolic practices or content, as certain religious ceremonies and art; spiritually significant; ethereal.”


So perhaps that is the word for me, if one is needed.

It encompasses everything that I am – including my poetry.

 Poet = Mystic.


Much love Txx

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