Wednesday Wisdom #85 – Facing Your Fears



(Beyond The Threshold Of Fear, Rumi Oracle by Alana Fairchild)


There comes a point in life where we experience so many challenges that facing fear is no longer a choice but a common inevitability.

There is a blessing in being someone who has gone through a lot of tough things in life, it truly does make us grow in ways that are astounding.

On the night of the Full Moon I felt almost unbearable frustration about something going on in my life.

I felt ready to take a leap of faith, but was at the same time being blocked from it by myself and forces external.

I was being guided to both go for something – and also be patient!

As the Moon rose full in the sky my emotions spilled over and I got into a very fear based, angry place.

Except actually it was not as much of a fear based place that I had originally thought.

When I awoke the next day and sat for my morning personal meditation session, the combination of cards I received was perfect.

I realised that though I used to feel fear often, what I now perceive as fear is far less debilitating.

What now makes me fearful, is not being able to do what I know I should do!

What now makes me feel fearful is the chance that I may not be able to act on what my intuition is telling me.

I now am attuned to what is going on within me to such a large extent, that anything happening that is stopping me from following my guidance, is experienced as fear. 

Read that last sentence back, it makes sense doesn’t it?

Fear is rarely about something outside of us coming to get us, instead it is most commonly experienced when we go against what we really need, want, or when something outside of us is stopping us from getting what we need or want.

This week’s card teaches us that we can cross this particular fear threshold, we can face those fears head on, listen to what they are teaching us, what want/need is going unanswered, and continue to work towards what we want regardless.

As you will know if you read these posts often, the deck this card comes from has an in-depth guidebook complete with sacred healing rituals.

One quote I would like to share with you from this book today is as follows:


“Rest now before a new adventure begins from a completely different state of being.

This oracle comes with spiritual guidance for you. You have broken through a barrier, a self-imposed barrier of fear (whether it seemed to originate from within your consciousness or from an external set of circumstances) that held you back from taking the steps you are now taking, or just about to take. These steps may feel strange, new, uncertain and exciting. Your mind might not have received the memo that fear based existence is no longer in operation for you. It may need a loving-tender, reassuring and firm update that the relationship you have with fear is now rather different. You are the witness, not the victim. “

p115 Rumi Orcale Guidebook, by  Alana Fairchild



How utterly beautiful.

To understand that fear does not need to be ignored, feared (!) or hidden from, you can look it in the eye, and continue to move forwards.

Much love always Txx

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