Animal Totem – The Fly: Don’t give up!


toy fly on white graphing paper

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The other day I was sat at work, in my office and had the company of a big juicy fly with me.

It was a super hot day here in London and I had all the windows open, so it is no surprise really.

At the end of the day, the fly seemingly fell out of nowhere, hit my shoulder and landed on my computer drive upside down.

I called a colleague to come and rescue the little fella and we put him outside where I can only assume he hobbled off and perhaps died.

This affected me and I felt it was significant so I looked up the spiritual symbolism of The Fly:

Know that quick and abrupt changes in your thoughts, emotions and endeavors are afoot. Rapid changes in all aspects of your life are currently happening for you so be prepared to move quickly even in unfavorable and uncomfortable conditions. Fly can also signify an exponentially growing source of abundance is available for you right now. Use your keen eyesight to see the way. Never give up.

Well how appropriate!

The more I grow spiritually, the more able I aim to ascertain the countless signs and symbols in everyday life that are urging us on.

Today’s message from the fly was simple – keep going! Don’t give up in the face of sudden change!

It may be exhausting, but it’s the only way to keep flying.

Lots of love Txx

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