Wednesday Wisdom #86 – Get Ready To Receive!



(Calling In Your Soulmate, Romance Angel Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue and Clear Your Space, Archangel Oracle cards, also by Doreen Virtue.)




So this week’s message ties in heavily with the New Moon eclipse energy coming up in a couple of days. (Post all about that tomorrow)

It’s a simple and straightforward loving message:


“Get ready to receive the new!”


Both of these cards show figures holding out their arms to receive.

This is what we need to be doing this week, simply getting ready for the things we want to enter our lives.

The underlying message is one of preparation –  in order to receive the new, we will have to let go of some things to make space.


Does this resonate with you in any area of your life?

Do you feel this energy of expectation whilst also feeling as though there is some kind of need to spring clean?


To be continued in tomorrow’s New Moon post…


Much love Txx



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