A Little Note about Tomorrows New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse – Clearing Out The Old, To Bring In The New


light painting at night

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com



So tomorrows New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse falls in the sign of Cancer, and the message is super clear.

It is time to clear out the old in order to bring forth the new.

As mentioned in the Wednesday Wisdom post yesterday, there are new things on their way for each and everyone of us, big and small.

Think back to where you were/what you were doing in February 2018, those same themes will be creeping back into your life now, as the eclipse season we are entering,  harks back to the eclipses at the beginning of the year.

The sign of Cancer corresponds to The Chariot card in the Tarot – a card about divinely led movement forward.




You can only truly move forward when your path is clear. 

Seeing as we are dealing with eclipse energy as well as New Moon energy tomorrow, there is the dual energy  of manifestation and letting go.

We can’t really have one without the other at this time.

This does not have to be as drastic as it sounds, it could be as beautiful as letting go of your long held beliefs that you are unlovable – and then seeing love manifest in your life!

This also may not happen that simply, or actually take place tomorrow!

But over the next few months, helped along by the Solar Eclipse on August 11th, we will see wonderful things come to fruition in our lives.

I intuitively feel that September and October will be great months for many of us. 

This of course will not be without challenge, nothing ever is – but the rewards can be great.

So much love to you 🙂 Txx

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