Wednesday Wisdom #87 – Harmony

(Four Of Wands – Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti)

This week is all about completing something in order to attain a level of harmony you may have only dremt of.

Though this harmony may be reflected outwardly in your everyday life, it is mostly concerned with what is going on within you.

As we continue through the July-August season of eclipses, we will see many things change, leave our lives or come back in.

This card marks the first level of inner completion.

You may over the coming days realise that you are seeing something very differently than how you saw it before.

This may be a habit you finally manage to kick, or some kind of mental block that lifts, enabling you to move forward.

This seemingly minor or even major shift will allow more harmony and balance to enter your life.

It may be incredibly subtle.

The Four of Wands is also a card of celebration and happy families.

Do you have anything fun coming up this week? A wedding? A graduation?

You should feel increasing levels of joy as this week goes on, a sense of satisfaction as you reap the benefits of something hard worked for.

This is the tangible beginning of new things.

Lots of love and enjoy this energy however and whenever it shows up.

Much love Txx

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