As You Read This…I will be graduating!


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So today I don’t have a proper blog post for you, and that is because I will be in Manchester at my graduation ceremony for the MA in Creative Writing (Poetry) that I completed last September.

I am not completely sure why this MA meant so much to me, I have studied a lot and also hold a post-graduate qualification in librarianship, but this MA changed my life.

It awoke in me my mystical side, and the two years dedicated to writing poetry, showed me a glimpse of a different kind of life.

The kind of life where you don’t have to be all about the 9-5, a life where the opportunity to live a different way can be embraced.

So as you read this little blog post, I hope you will wish me well on my graduation day, pray that I don’t fall flat on my face whilst walking across the stage, pray that the hat fits over my gigantic afro.

I’ll be back on Saturday with a longer post about this – complete with pictures!


Much love Txx

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