Wednesday Wisdom #88 – Support and Boundaries


(Counselor, Archangel Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue)

So after a very busy and fun few days, I dragged myself out of bed this morning (Well at least in a sitting position) to pull a card for today’s Wednesday Wisdom – it ended up being the same card that I pulled for myself last night!

I knew when I first pulled it before I went to bed, that it was a message for all you wonderful people who read this, but I was resistant to sharing it, as it seemed so personal to me…

But the powers that be want anyone who reads this blog to hear this, so here goes:

This week is all about being supportive to others – after you have been supportive to yourself.

I have been away for the last few days graduating, and catching up with friends I don’t get to see as often as I would like.

A reoccurring conversational theme was that of supporting others who need us.

Supporting those who may not appreciate that support, or seemingly in your eyes do not deserve it.

The conversations I had were focusing on whether or not it is healthy for myself, and others, to give out so much support all of the time.

We talked a lot about boundaries, something I have been working on for many years in all of my relationships, and yet is something I constantly still have to work to maintain.

It has not quite become natural for me to operate from a boundaried place – though I now recongise this and am able to put boundaries in place quickly and effectively.

I sometimes am over-boundaried now, especially where my heart is involved, and can miss out on the natural flow of dynamics out of fear.

The card above says:

Archangel Azrael: “You are a natural counselor, and many people benefit from your guidance and reassurance”

So how can I rectify the very real gift I have for helping others, with maintaining my own personal boundaries? Whilst also continuing to give from a place of love to those who truly appreciate that, and who also strive to give back to me?

Well I think I just answered my own question – though I am able to give a lot before I get depleted, or annoyed, or feel taken advantage of , one of the major significators that I will feel appreciated for what I give, is when I feel that others truly are there for me too.

It may not be in the exact same way that I am there for them, but they will be willing to be there for me – This is something I need to notice and appreciate more.

Has this blog raised any questions for you?

Do you support others a lot?

Do you feel like you need more support yourself?

Can you recognise where that support already is, or where it can be found?

That support can always be found through our Angels and Guides, or any higher power that you resonate with – Don’t forget to turn to them too.

Much love always Txx

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