Meditation Mornings: Scaling the Cliff

green pine trees in front of a rock mountain

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So I have started my 3rd (or 4th) 21 day meditation challenge with Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey – found here.

This set of free guided meditations – one a day for twenty-one days – is a great tool for meditation.

Sitting in meditation everyday on your own can prove to be difficult, and doing these challenges helps keep me motivated.

This time I will be taking you with me, and posting a short post the morning after each meditation I do, letting you know what wisdom came to me during my sitting.




Day 2

During my sitting last night, The very first image that came to me was the side of a cliff face.

I intuitively knew that this was symbolic of barriers I have to face and overcome.

It was also clear that these barriers were in some way a form of protection I was putting up for myself.

I was told that I am already protected.

Finally I was taken back to the imagery of ‘face’ and told to be mindful of the different faces people show.

How intriguing!

Is there any wisdom you can find in the energy of the cliff today?



Much love Txx

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