Last Night’s Meditation: Treating Yourself with Love, Care and Respect


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Last night’s sitting was full of earthy tones of orange and green.

These colours correlate with the Sacral Chakra (Orange) and the Heart Chakra (Green)

The Sacral Chakra is where your bliss and creativity live. It is an energy that keeps you centred on earth, and helps you to really bring into fruition the things you desire.

The Heart Chakra makes sure we are able to give and receive love at our highest capacity.

Both of these Chakras say so much about how we feel about ourselves. 

Living from a blissful, yet grounded state of happiness, pretty much guarantees that you will be able to be compassionate to those around you.

Living from an open, yet strong heart, means you will have boundaries yet be open to love and loving.

This all begins with ourselves – love, respect and care.

Once we treat ourselves with these three things, we will see it reflected back to us from others.

If we don’t know how to love, respect and care for ourselves, how can we ever expect to recognise this from another?

How can we truly give this to another?

Today – think about the ways in which you show yourself love, care and respect.

Have you been lacking in showing yourself these three things?

Start working out what this means for you now – make a list.

Commit to this, then watch it show up in your outer world.

Much love Txx

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