How To Cleanse Crystals




(My charging crystals)



So a dear friend asked me over on my Instagram the other day…


“How do I cleanse my crystals?”


Instead of just answering her over there, in the spirit of being flexible on this blog at the moment, I thought I would just write a little post about it.


Crystals are very personal to each and everyone of us, and if you are feeling called to purchase any, please do just go with your gut.


Head to a shop that sells crystals and give yourself time to peruse and feel into the energy of any that call to you.


Once you have a crystal, I believe in keeping them charged, as well as cleansed.


I use crystals as a tool for psychic protection, and general well-being, as well as emotional healing.


To keep them working to their highest level, I recommend simply rinsing with water or using incense smoke to purify a crystal when you first buy it.


This is because you want to rid the crystal of any energy it may have picked up whilst being in a shop – not because this energy is necessarily bad – but because you want it to be a clean slate for you.


Please note that some crystals are soluble and should not have water on them – check before rinsing. 


Then, I recommend laying out that crystal monthly in a place where it can get the full energy of the New Moon and Full Moon.


I place mine in the garden at these times, I allow them to soak up the rays of the Moon and the Sun for about three days, at every Full and New Moon – especially eclipses.


I believe that the energy from the Moon cleanses them, and the energy of the Sun recharges them. 


I also love them to get the energy from rainwater or storms, so may leave them out then too.


I sometimes place them in water with Epsom salts before laying them out.


I do this regularly because I will wear certain crystals throughout the day, and also use certain crystals when conducting readings for others, so I need to maintain their energy.


If you mostly leave your crystals at home, you may not need to cleanse them as often.


I sometimes will also rinse a crystal on a daily basis if I am wearing it all day everyday.


These are all good ways to keep your crystals cleaned and charged for regular use, but there are many other ways that will be unique to you.


Feel out what you feel your crystal needs.


For example, I have recently purchased a piece of Citrine that I do not like to lay outside – I intuitively feel like it wants to be warm – so I leave it on my windowsill inside during the Full/New Moon.


There is no real right or wrong way, what is important is that you do it in a way that feels right for you and for your crystals.


Much love Txx

2 thoughts on “How To Cleanse Crystals

    1. Very good question…it’s been a little bit of a journey to work out what’s best for me. I used to wear a chain around my neck with obsidian but I have keiloid scarring in that area which gets irritated by chains. So I now wear them in ring form. I have a purple amethyst ring at the moment that I wear everyday. I also on occasion will simply pop a crystal inside my bra and wear it that way 🙂

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