Last Night’s Meditation: Speak Your Truth


I spent yesterday afternoon in a doctor’s surgery with my gran waiting for her routine appointment.

As there was an hour’s delay I used that time to meditate.

The end of the meditation was full of blue light similar in colour to the blue dress I was wearing.

Blue correlates to the Throat Chakra and the ability to speak our truth.

This can be anything from our needs and desires, to when we speak up to protect ourselves or others.

The fact I saw this colour in Meditation means that I have been successful in my recent attempts at healing this chakra for myself.

I have been working on pushing past fears regarding speaking my truth.

Where are you in regards to speaking up?

Do you fear standing up for yourself or speaking out against injustice?

Perhaps you are able to be an advocate for others but lack the ability to do this for yourself?

Today, think about how you are engaging with your voice.

What does it mean to you to be able to express yourself?

Do you need to work on this somewhat?

Check out this link all about the Throat Chakra:


The Throat Chakra – What is it trying to tell you?


Much love Txx

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