Last Night’s Meditation: Wednesday Angelic Wisdom

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Last night I meditated to the sound of some much needed rain here in London, and an Angel stepped in with a message:

“I am here to talk to you about love.
Love doesn’t weep nor does it remain static.
It opens its arms to both receive and embrace.
Feel the warmth in your fingers? Just like that.
Love is like every single human hand.
It is built to hold, receive and to give.
Neither one of these things is more important than the other.
That is the challenge.
Neither can you hold and give at the same time.
Sometimes you are called to hold on to that love for yourself, sometimes you are called to give.
This time you are called to do both.
Simultaneously with your two hands.
How does this work in love? To let go and embrace?
Well – we simply must enter into flow.
Let flow and let go, then receive what comes back.

Yours truly Chamuel.”


Much love Txx

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