Last Night’s Meditation – Who Are You Mirroring?

blue geeen and orange parrot

Photo by Pixabay on


I absolutely adore the photo above, and I really enjoyed my meditation last night – a parrot swooped in and the colours were amazing.

I believe in the healing power of colour in the way in which they reflect our chakras and can affect our moods through crystals and even our clothing.

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The parrot holds the energy of multiple colours as well as the ability to communicate to an advanced level.

Intuitively  I feel as though the parrot is a symbol of balance and reflection. 

Someone right now is mirroring you.

Or perhaps you are mirroring another.

What does this mean?

Basically, there is a significant person (or few people) in your life who is showing you something important about yourself, and you them.

There is a high level of respect between you and another, and a connection that defies logic in terms of your similar energetic experience.

This is a real high level relationship.

It is a relationship that will expand your horizons.

I saw a parrot sitting on the shoulder of a pirate – this is about a voyage of discovery through your relationship with another.

Wow – this could be a romantic relationship, a friend, a business partner or a family member.

This could feel uncomfortable or wonderful – perhaps a mixture of both.

The important thing to remember with this, is that quite simply, you are seeing the true you reflected in another.

What are you going to do about that?

This is an opportunity to grow and heal as someone else shows you exactly what needs fixing – are you ready to take on the challenge?

Much love Txx

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