Last Night’s Meditation – Protection


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After a few days away from regular practice, I sat in front of my altar last night with essential oils and candles burning  –  and an ache in my arm.

I had just wacked my hand on a wooden chair and was feeling sorry for myself.

I was thinking of boundaries and the need to protect ourselves from energy that is not our own.

It was no surprise that this idea should visit me in meditation through the colour purple.

Purple for me is a colour all about peaceful protection.

It holds an energy that can coat us in a protective armour strong enough to keep us safe, but gentle enough to continue letting love in.

Approaching life through a space of love is a whole lot harder than you might think.

Trusting and loving others whilst maintaining your own boundaries is a constant challenge.

Many people choose simply to not fully trust another,  but this comes at the expense of what it means to really love.

Love without boundaries is not sustainable.

But those boundaries need not be up against the wrong people, or manifest inappropriately.

The colour purple helps remind me of this.

The colour purple is linked to both the Crown Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra, this makes it a very natural colour to see in meditation,

It is a colour that rests at a higher vibration than most and with that comes the need for a kind of protection and filtering.

As a medium, I have learnt the importance of boundaries when opening up to spirit communication.

It is in this same way that we can remain open to others with an understanding of the need to stay grounded in ourselves.

Much love Txx

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