Crystal Focus: Labradorite for Spiritual Transformation



Yesterday I experienced a day full of intense transformational energy, I am still feeling this today which is why there has been no “Wednesday Wisdom” for the first time in almost two years!

I felt it in my body in the pit of my stomach, and I felt called to carry my Labradorite crystal with me to work.

It is no secret (if you read this blog) that I have been going through an intense period of spirtiual development over the last couple of years, occasionally I have periods where I need to inegrate and shift in quite a physical way.

This can leave me completely exhausted, sometimes a little ill. Mostly I just feel all kinds of fuzzy and not very grounded.

I think I will write a post specifically about what this feels like, and what this is all about for me sometime soon.

For now, I am just going to talk about how Labradorite is helping me at this time.

Labradorite works to ground you whilst you transform. It helps to soothe and heal the anxiety that may accompany times of deep transition.

It truly is the most stunning crystal I own with subtle hints of all colours inside the general grey tone.

For me, I find it is most important when it comes to going through shifts of the heart centered variety as those can often feel the most scary.

Relating to the Third Eye Chakra that I talked about yesterday, this is a stone that gently guides us towards our best relationships, even when we are feeling resistance and fear.

It helps us to see a vision for the future, one we may not think we truly deserve.

This crystal heals, and it soothes, and is associated with the astrological signs of Sagittarius (mine), Leo and Scorpio.

It can aid digestive problems as well as balance out and protect our aura.

It is a Crystal that I was recommended to take along with me when I read for others – this is because it absorbs the energy of others whilst protecting my own energy. It is almost like an energetic shield.

Today I am working from home, and this crystal will be working alongside me.


Much Love Txx

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