Last Night’s Meditation: The Angel of Beauty



I returned home yesterday after a lovely little break and looked out of my kitchen window whilst filling the kettle for tea.

On the left hand side of my garden was a pink rose in full bloom that was not there when I left for my trip a few days ago.

In fact in the whole time that I have lived in this house, I have never seen a rose bloom on that side of the garden before.

It felt like a message of joy, so I should not have been surprised to sit in meditation last night and be visited by the Angel Jophiel, whose name means “Beauty of God”.

This was my first meditation sitting in a number of days and I went through a variety of experiences in my thirty minutes of practice.

The lasting impression was of Jophiel, and as I write this post it makes more and more sense.

We are being asked to prepare ourselves for something new to bloom and this rose was a physical manifestation of what is yet to come for many of us.

As you can see by the picture, the area where this rose sprung up is pretty bare, no other flowers are alive in our garden at the moment, as the super hot weather here in the UK over the last few weeks, dried everything out!

Yet this rose managed to grow regardless.

So it will be with us.

We may feel like the thing we want cannot possibly happen right now.

You may be encountering obstacles and delays.

You may see absolutely zero evidence that things can actually take a turn for the better.

Well here is your confirmation that all things are possible if you are willing to be surprised…


Much love Txx



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