Last Night’s Meditation: Soul at First Sight

close up of tree against sky

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After things ended with my first romantic partner, my mum said:

“Make sure you go out with a man who is kind.”

It took me two more failed relationships to really understand what this meant.

Kindness is such a valuable but underrated thing in this world.

But guess what?

I have begun to recognise kindness when I find it.

Last night in meditation I received the perfect phrase for this recognition…

Soul At First Sight

That moment where you recognise almost instantly that a person will be good for you.

When they prove time and again that they can be kind and gracious.

These are the people you want in your life.

These are the people who your soul recognises as a mate whether that be platonic or romantic.

For me this is the very definition of soulmate.

Much love Txx

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