Impatient for Autumn



(Shot in the park a few weeks ago…it’s coming!)


This year in the UK we had the hottest summer since sometime in the 1970s.

It was wonderful to be able to head out on a regular basis without the need for an umbrella, coat, tights, coat, jumper, scarf etc. that we pretty much always need here.

However, for me anyway, it got very old very quick.

I had to buy a WHOLE load of new clothes as I simply did not own the wardrobe for the kind of weather we were having.

It was sooooooo hard to get on the tube or be in the office as temperatures rose.

(We don’t really have air conditioning in the UK by the way – its NEVER usually hot enough!)

So as the temperature begins to cool down drastically, I am finding myself impatient and actually eager for autumn for the first time in my whole entire life.

Bring it on!


Much love Txx

One thought on “Impatient for Autumn

  1. Fall’s my favorite season so I’m always excited for it, but the heat this summer means it can’t get here fast enough. Glad it is cooling off where you are as I cannot imagine surviving without A/C!

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