A Message from the Rumi Oracle



(The Impossible Made Possible, Rumi Oracle by Alana Fairchild)


So something a little different today for you lovely readers…

Pretty much everyday I pull a selection of cards for myself.

One of my favourite decks I use is the Rumi Oracle Deck by Alana Fairchild that I have mentioned on this blog many times.

It is a deck best used for individual healing and includes rituals for just that in the guidebook.

Today I want to share with you a card that I pulled for myself a few days ago.

Alana has written such a beautiful message to accompany the art work, here is a sample from it:


“You are guided by this loving power to drop the doubt. Shed the incredulity and open up the mind. Allow your imagination to be inspired as though you were a child in a great garden hearing the breath of the earth in the wind-whipped leaves and the voices of the ancestors in birdsong.

The Universe wants something to happen for you, something beautiful, something utterly improbable, and something perfect for your path, your own unique destiny.

Your mind will wonder if it is even possible.

People around you may wonder the same thing, but your heart will burn for it to become real, to become more than a fantastic improbable dream. You’ll want it with all your soul. You may not even be consciously aware as yet what this great desire is, but your heart knows.  It holds the secret knowledge and will unveil it when your mind can handle it.

When your heart is much more powerful than your mind, you won’t unintentionally block the incredible grace of manifestation seeking to pour into your thirsty soul, like the sweetest, purest waters of blessing.”

By Alana Fairchild (p52-53 of Rumi Oracle Guidebook)


Much love my wonderful readers Txx

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