Wednesday Wisdom – The Signs

(Pay Attention To The Red Flags, Romance Angel Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue)

The message from the Romance Angel’s today is all about learning to recognise and ascertain signs.

I feel this is pertaining especially to our dreams.

I had a series of unusual dreams last night, and I always know they are pointing me towards something important when I can’t shake the dream off, or experience nagging feelings that I’m missing something.

Sometimes we are given signs in repeated information we hear from different people, or when something just keeps popping up – like a certain picture,symbol, word or phrase.

These signs can sometimes come from our Angels and guides, but equally they can be coming from our higher selves.

This card often talks of when we know something deep inside and are kind of looking for a sign – you know?

This could be a sign confirming something is right, or something is wrong.

This could be a call to continue to simply observe a situation with your eyes fully open.

This could be about listening to the signs your body may be giving you…are you anxious about something? Worrying?

Today, have a think about what the signs are trying to tell you at this time.

Much love Txx

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