Love & Trust


(The Tribe – Wisdom of the Oracle Deck by Colette Baron Reid)


Last night I pulled the card above for myself.

For the first time ever I noticed the parakeets flying around the giraffe.

I work near Kensington Palace Gardens where parakeets fly in abundance.



(A picture I took in the gardens at springtime)


After looking up what the parakeet means as an animal totem, it was no surprise that they are a symbol of love and loyalty – something that finding your tribe is all about.

I was watching a very bad romantic comedy on Netflix the other night and a character said something along the lines of:

“Being there for someone when they need you is exactly what a relationship is all about.”

Yesterday I found myself thinking of that more.

Thinking of who is really there for me in my life and who I find joy in being there for.

I’ve talked recently about my friendships changing.

It feels good to know that because of this change I have more energy to connect to a supportive tribe than ever before.

Much love Txx

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