Last Night’s Meditation: Another Breath, Another Chance



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Last night I was shown the number ‘eight’, and received the message that abundance can be found in each moment, that each moment is infinity itself.

That is both a daunting and comforting concept – that we have infinite amounts of time to make life what we want it to be, that we have a ‘do-over’ built into every regret and missed opportunity.

As I write this post I feel how overwhelming this idea is.

The only time I could access this with any kind of peace was whilst in meditation, as I fell inside each moment with nothing but my breath to think about.

As a phrase, ‘infinite abundance’ holds the kind of power that we all dream of, and I am very tempted to say that this is actually a state of mind.

That makes it sound so easy though, when I know that it is not.

I spoke a lot about my meditation practice at the weekend with new friends, and it shed light for me on how much meditation has changed my life.

The ability to be in the present moment, every moment can be uncomfortable, but is also so unbelievably hopeful – because another moment always comes.

That is the message today – for as long as we have another breath in us, we will have another chance.

Much love Txx

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