Last Night’s Meditation: Believing in Magic

Last night I didn’t even need to formally sit for this message to come through – it visited me as I went through my daily routine.

I had one of those days where I tidied and got on with mundane chores, perfect activites for inducing a meditative state.

What came to me as I lay in a bath at the end of the day was a picture of a rainbow and the message:

Believe in Magic.

Despite all the work I do with spirit, I still sometimes find it hard to believe the signs and synchronicities I receive, especially if they are pertaining to good things.

Lately I’ve been sensing and perceiving in my outer world a real coming together of signs and symbols that are bringing about changes in my physical reality.

These changes have been long awaited, and as I see them begin to manifest I am struck by how magic life can be.

Much love Txx

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