Last Night’s Meditation : “Get Grounded Little One”


black hog prone lying on soil under shade of tree

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Again, I didn’t need to formally meditate for messages to come through – it is like this with me sometimes.

Throughout the month, I have periods of time where I seem to more naturally be ‘tuned in’ and receive messages sporadically through the day – usually when I am engaged in a very routine/mundane task.

Yesterday whilst working, I communicated with my Spirit Guide about a few things, and he said:


“Get grounded little one, big things are about to happen”


Oh but yep, I knew that already!

It is great to have reassurance though.

I have been feeling for some time now that big, positive changes are on the horizon for many of us.


Some of us may find these changes harder to deal with than others, but they will ultimately be for our highest good, even if it is does not appear to be so at first. 


For times like this, the best guidance is always to go with the flow, and quiet anxiety by staying in the present moment.


Ground yourself with time in nature, walks in parks, sitting beside the sea.


Prepare your body with plenty of rest and water for busier times to come.


Much love Txx

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