Last Night at Psychic School – Week 11: Perfect Harmony



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*For those of you who don’t know – I am a Psychic Medium in development. I attend and sit in a regular development circle at The College of Psychic Studies in London*


So yep, Psychic School has started again and I am back with weekly updates.

However this time they will be slightly different.

I am very much enjoying (almost) daily blogging and sharing with you the insights I receive from my daily meditations.

We meditate a lot during Psychic School to raise our vibration to work with Angels, and Guides, and departed loved ones – so the day after class I will simply post a nugget of wisdom from the spirit realm.



My guide let me know that it is important to recognise the things that are in harmony in your life.

We focus a lot on the things that are not working, how to heal, how to keep going when times are rough.

It is important also however to acknowledge always the things that are working.

The relationships that support you, the job you love, the simple fact that you have enough money to meet all of your needs.

Sometimes things in life work in perfect harmony, especially with the support and love of good people – appreciate this.

Much Love Txx (and my spirit guide)

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