Missed Opportunities

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So tonight I should have been going to Week 12 of Psychic School, but I had already told the circle leader that I was not going to make it.

This was because I was going to be at a yoga event that I have been looking forward to for months…

 Instead I will be in bed, drinking black tea as I am still pretty unwell.

I am no stranger to being sick.

As I’ve spoken about on this blog many times, I had glandular fever a few years ago, and honestly I have never been the same since.

I was always what you would call a ‘sickly child’ – I had repeated bouts of tonsillitis and stomach upsets.

At one point doctors described me as having ‘growing pains’ as I was growing too fast.

There was talk of injecting me with hormones to stunt my growth. 

There are many reasons why I think I have always struggled a little with my health.

Reasons, I don’t feel ready to go into just now.

Today I just wanted to talk about missed opportunities a little, that energy of feeling regret at thinking you may have missed your chance at something.

This is not an energy I feel that often to be honest, as I always tend to move pretty quickly on things – I make decisions fast, I adapt to change quickly.

Sometimes too quickly, and it is in this energy of impulse that I find myself missing opportunities.

I absolutely knew I was going to get sick this week.

knew that I had kept myself too busy for weeks and that eventually I would crash.

I know that I can’t be very busy consistently without falling ill.

Yet I find it very hard not to continually push forwards until I get ill.

Can you tell how frustrated this makes me???!!!!!!

Compared to many other people I know, my life is not that hectic, and yet what use is comparison?

We all know measuring ourselves against others is the absolutely worst thing we can do.

I simply do not have that much energy, my body is not that resilient, I need more rest than many others – and that is OK.

It has to be OK or I will continue to miss out on the things I really want to do.

I have been meditating a little the last few days, and in one session I got a message about slowing down.

Where can I make more space for more opportunities to show up?

Because this is the way that I miss opportunities the most – by filling up my life so much there is no space for new things to enter. 

For me, the energy of opportunity is very much linked to the energy of receiving.

Sometimes I am so busy making things happen for myself that I forget to allow things to happen to me – good things, wonderful things.

I can also find myself missing the little details quite often.

As I said earlier I adapt to changing circumstances rather quickly, and this can act as a bit of a blind spot for me sometimes.

Something happens, I adapt, and then I miss clues of the situation changing again, simply because I have already moved into a new mental space – too quickly!

I am a Sagittarius Sun sign and this astrological sign is depicted by the Major Arcana card of Temperance. 

The word temperence means moderation, and in the Tarot this energy is about keeping things in balance.

So how can I keep myself moderated and in balance?

By understanding that no opportunity is really missed.

If I allow myself to slow down yes it may appear that I miss out on some things, yet I will have energy for other things.

If I slow down, I may not miss so many little details and can embrace opportunites as they come up.

Urgh! This feels like a gigantic topic – how do you feel about missed opportunities?


Much love Txx

P.S: So I have not missed my opportunity to go to the yoga event – I emailed the organisers and will be able to go to a different one in a couple of weeks time 🙂


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