Crystals – For When You’re Feeling Sick



So I must be feeling better, as the urge to keep writing to you all is returning!

My energy is still very low though, so I will not be channelling direct guidance just now as most of what I am receiving in meditation at the moment is all about me, and how I can slow down.

One of the things that has been helping me greatly during the last few days has been sleeping with crystals under my pillow, and having them near me throughout the day.

I have picked a select few for this purpose and they are Rose Quartz, Selenite, Black Obsidian and Turquonite.

Selenite is known for its healing properties, and Rose Quartz promotes a pure energy of love, integral to healing.

Black Obsidian is my go-to for psychic protection, and when my energy is low I feel like I need this more than ever. I don’t really have what it takes to keep up with shielding and protection rituals when I feel like this, whilst probably being the most vulnerable and open.

(Maybe I will write a post explaining this whole psychic protection thing)

The Turquonite is my favourite piece, simply because it fosters such an amazing sense of well-being in me.

I honestly feel so much more comfortable in myself when resting with these crystals nearby.

Have you ever used crystals when feeling unwell?


Much love Txx

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