Psychic Protection – What Is It All About?

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So that phrase I throw in here and there – Psychic Protection – what exactly does it mean?

I suppose I became aware of the need to psychically protect myself relatively recently, though I have been feeling this need my whole life.

As I am very open to the energy of spirit, it makes sense that occasionally things can make their presence known without my permission.

Yes by things I do mean what we would generally call ghosts, or even just strong residual energy of beings that used to exist on this earth, or energy leaking in from other realms.

I’ll give you an example: A couple of years back I went on a trip to Edinburgh with a group of friends, we went to the castle and to the cells where prisoners were kept – I felt incredibly exhausted and sad and withdrawn. I could see and hear and feel what had happened in those cells.

Another sensitive friend called it feeling the “ju ju”.

Yep! We have ALL felt the “ju ju” feeling from time to time, whether you resonate with the world psychic or not.

This feeling will exhaust and deplete you if you are sensitive and do not protect yourself.

This sensitivity is why I do not watch the news much, and try to stay away from sensationalized violence in films, it all promotes the same feeling in me.

Another way in which I can feel overwhelmed is when I am around many people. This is because I naturally will pick up on their emotions and feelings without meaning to.

So I will hear the words coming out of their mouths, but pick up on the energy coming out of their aura, sometimes these two things will not match up at all! In fact more often than not they don’t!

This too can prove very exhausting, especially when I find myself doing it on a packed tube train!

When I started Mediumship and psychic development, I had been practising psychic protection for many months. This is integral to doing this kind of work, where you are actively working with energy outside of yourself regularly.

Next post will be about how to psychically/ energetically protect yourself.

Much love Txx

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