On The Mend

So yesterday I left the house for a walk, my first walk in over a week.

I have been ill with flu and have been laid up in bed.

I really enjoy going for walks in parks, and in London I have the choice of many.

Yesterday, I went to one at the bottom of my street with my mum, it was raining, so we wrapped up and took a stroll.

Here are some pictures πŸ™‚


The beginning of the walk, my mum with her ‘park clothes’ on.


Selfie time! My mum enjoys a good selfie πŸ™‚


A weeping willow, one of my favourite type of trees.


Conkers on the floor, good for keeping spiders out of the house – I should of picked some up!


Magnificent and graceful in only the way a tree can be.


Clitterhouse farm – a community space in the park that I have only just discovered!




Getting our hands dirty doing a spot of community gardening at the farm.


Helping things to grow.


A goody bag of beetroot leaves to take home! (My mum washed it, and cooked it straight away!)


Beautiful Autumn colours

Much love Txx

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