A Little Note About Tomorrow’s Full Moon In Aries: Empowerment and Friendship


(Picture taken of a card I received – Kawase Hasui, Spring Night at Inokashira, 1931- Card from Pomegranate, print courtesy of Castle Fine Arts, inc.)


Are you feeling empowered yet?

This fiery Full Moon is in the Sign Of Aries. An astrological sign of great power and passion represented by The Emperor card in the Tarot.

The Emperor is in charge of not just his life, but the lives of many others.

Have you taken charge of your own future yet?

A dear friend of mine, sent me the card above as a get well card, reminding me that no person is an island – we cannot expect to be living fully in our power without the support of others.

This is a pretty hard concept for me to grasp.

I equate empowerment with the ability to stand alone.

I an on a quest for independence that can sometimes cause me to feel like there is less support in my life than there is.

I have wonderful supportive friends, many who have been there for the toughest moments of my life. who respect and love me.

I appreciate them so much and am always blown away by how thoughtful they are.

I have been truly blessed.

It is because of these friends that I have become the woman I am today, sitting here and writing this on the eve of the Full Moon.

It is because of the love of these friends that I have flourished into someone who feels capable of taking charge of my life and living from a truly authentic space.

So thank you friends, you know who you are, and thank you to all those who read this blog, lets use this Full Moon to stand in our power together.

Much love Txx

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