An Overflowing Heart



(Ace of Cups, Radiant Rider Waite Tarot, image from via Pinterest)


The Ace of Cups tarot card as pictured above, is a card traditionally understood to represent love and emotion, as well as spirituality.

It is a card that most often denotes a new love, or the potential for love.

It can represent the energy of love that is around us.

The more I read the tarot however, the more I come to understand which cards mean exactly what for me.

What do I mean by that?

I have developed a different kind of knowing in relation to each card.

Through my increasing experience at reading, when a particular card comes up, I have my intuitive knowing, the traditional meaning of the card, and my understanding of what a card usually means when it comes up.

The Ace of Cups often comes when there is an imminent need for a person’s heart to open.

Our heart chakras or heart centres, can become easily blocked.

Every time we have been hurt, or have experienced a loss that affects us on a deep emotional level, we shut down a little, and sometimes we do not even know how closed off we have become.

That is until we experience an outpouring of emotion at the most inopportune of times.

It is at this time in a person’s life, that if I read for them, the Ace of Cups will come up.

To me it represents the need for some kind of emotional release.

This can represent depression too, when someone has become numb and apathetic to their feelings.

I was thinking of this card the other night because my heart has begun to open up in inexplicable ways.

Though, this is not a card traditionally thought to relate to healing, I have come to understand that much like The Star card, Ace of Cups, is about healing.

When you become aware of pent up emotions and start to let them out, it is inevitable that you will heal.

Sometimes we are able to let them out, precisely because the healing has already begun, or is near completion.

Over the few days closest to our last Full Moon, I have found myself releasing old emotion with my tears.

Understanding that with each tear, I repair each tear in my heart.

Much love Txx

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