Wednesday Wisdom – Major Change Ahead! (In a good way)


(A Change In The Wind, Wisdom of the Oracle Deck by Colette Baron Reid)


The good news is that this change that is coming up, is something you have been wanting for a very long time indeed.

You may be scared of this change, it may be daunting, it may be a massive life alteration – but it is going to help you grow in so many more ways than you could ever have imagined.

When I pulled this card for you, I noticed for the very first time just how light it is.

That zebra is positively beaming! Though it is cloudy around her, it is the kind of clouds that don’t stop the sun from streaming through.

On top of the Zebra’s back we have a snail, reminding us that slow and steady is definitely the way forward when we are going through any kind of change that we intend.

The blessing during this time of change, if you are resonating with this message, is that this is a change that you have planned. 

In this space, we can make all the steps we need to, in an organised and unhurried way.

So do you need to get ready for something?

This message is telling you do not leave anything until the last minute, start making any steps you can do today, that will lead to this desired change.

The Zebra as spirit animal reminds us to look at alternative ways of doing things.

This big change is something that is going to set you apart from others around you, it may see you going against the grain of many of the others in your life right now – but in a good way!

We all could benefit from celebrating our uniqueness and individuality and with this change on the horizon you will be.

All my love Txx

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