Failing on my September Vows?




So at the beginning of September I made some vows.

These included meditation and blogging goals.

Somewhere in the middle of the month I fell ill, and all those vows went out the window.

I simply had to focus on taking care of myself, and interestingly enough that was also one of my vows 🙂

I vowed to show myself love and compassion everyday, and in staying true to that vow, I sometimes could not do Yoga, or meditate formally, or write a blog post based on channeled guidance.

There was one vow that stuck out, the one about taking things slowly.

That is simply the one vow that I hold to now.

Taking things slowly

In times of change, I will take it slowly.

In everyday life, I will take it slowly.

When things are stressful, I will try to slow down.

Much love Txx

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